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Walking With Your Dog Helps To Improve Your Health

Walking With Your Dog Helps To Improve Your Health
Written by Zack Motion

This post is about weight reduction and how to live a healthier lifestyle; I hope you like reading it and find it useful. I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time, and by the age of twenty-two, I’d had enough of being overweight. I describe how I eventually shed my additional weight in the article.

Walking With Your Dog Helps To Improve Your Health

Walking With Your Dog Helps To Improve Your Health

I’ve always battled to maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight had a significant impact on my life; I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted and frequently felt bad after eating specific meals. I was certain that if I could just shed a couple of pounds, my confidence would skyrocket and I would be much happy.

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I read a lot of literature and tried a variety of diets. For whatever reason, this did not appear to be of use to me, primarily because I was unable to adhere to their weight loss regimens due to my fondness for fatty meals.

I was talking to a neighbour one day who was not only pleasant but also pretty slim. I questioned as to how she stayed so trim because she appeared to be very athletic and healthy.

Gillian, my next-door neighbour, was taken aback and even delighted by my question, and she became evasive. She admitted that she had struggled with her weight at one point in her life and had been unhappy about it. What she was about to say took me by surprise, but it would ultimately change my life.

She went on to remark that at this point in her life, she would travel by automobile wherever she went. Gillian had realised that she did very little exercise on a weekly basis, and at times did none at all. She then went out and got a puppy, promising to walk it at least twice a day. This was not a choir for Gillian, but it did result in her meeting a number of new acquaintances over the next few years. Gillian used to think of exercise as a chore and a waste of time, but she loved it so much that she would take her dog for four walks on different days.

Gillian rapidly noted that she was not just losing weight, but she was also feeling much better. It didn’t take long for her to reach her desired weight.

I decided to follow Gillian’s weight loss regimen after hearing her experience. Yes, I bought a puppy, and I’m delighted to report that it has also proven to be effective for me.

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